Fleet Management

Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 500, TSS can manage your fleet of floor machines at all locations throughout your service area.  Our programs reduce long term capital spend and increase the life and performance of your floor machines.

Emergency Repair

Thanks to our phenomenal call center and  network of Service Partners TSS is ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week to receive your call and get someone out for a repair quickly.

Contract Service

Scheduling maintenance for your floor machines is simple.  Either fill out the “Request Service” form or simply call in to 855-SEND-TEC and someone from our event management team will be happy to schedule maintenance promptly.

  Preventative Maintenance

Buying a floor machine is an investment in your company.  We can help protect that investment through regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.  Our preventative maintenance program virtually eliminates downtime by keeping your machines in great working condition and extends the life of your machine through monitoring and replacement of parts that could cause further damage.

 Budget Management

Repairs and parts cost can eat away at your budget quickly.  Through the TSS budget management system, you tell us your budget and we do what we can to keep the cost of repairs inside of that budget.  From our invoice auditing to a partnership with a leading parts supplier we have the tools and the experience to make you successful.