TSS is only as strong as the Service Providers we partner with in the field. That is why we have put together a program that is both enticing to you, the service provider, as it is to us.

Why become a service provider?

1) Become a part of something bigger:

We have contracts with some of the largest national companies that you may have otherwise had a hard time getting into before.

2) We are winning companies over daily:

Once people learn about the TSS business model it is hard to resist. Companies sign on every day to have their machines serviced or their fleet managed. You can GROW your business along side of TSS.

3) We are your TRUE partner:

In this industry there are companies that pretend to be in your corner but are really going against you. The strategic partnerships that TSS have protect the industry channels and ensure that we and our affiliates are not stepping on your toes but are simply working together to ensure your business grows.

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